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Video Surveillance KIT

IP Security Camera Systems provide superior quality and resolution. If you are buying a brand new system and you would like to stay at the edge of technology, IP security systems are the way to go. We provide an all-in-one package that will provide the cameras, NVR, and ethernet cables!

IP Security Camera Systems have been around since 2008. IP Security Systems consist of Network Video Recoder (NVR) for storage and Network Security Cameras (AKA: IP Security Cameras). These systems work on ethernet cable. This technology allows you to give IP address to every IP security camera and make them accessible by any device in your network.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) compliant. Power Over Ethernet allows you to provide power through ethernet cable so you don't have to have power supply or run a power adapter to the camera. All our NVRs in our pre-designed security camera systems support PoE.

Highest resolution in video surveillance industry. HD-CCTV is currently upgraded to 8 Megapixel (4K) resolution but still not close to max resolution of IP Security camera systems which can go as high as 50 Megapixel.

Ethernet Based Technology. These days every company have network infrastructure and most IT Executives and System Administrators prefer everything to be addressable and accessible in their network. 

Please do not hesitate to give us a call or send a mail and we will do everything to design the right security camera system for you.

Video Surveillance KIT

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