HIKVISION DS-2CD63X5G0 12MP Fisheye IP camera

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HIKVISION DS-2CD63X5G0 12MP Fisheye IP camera

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Hikvision Fisheye IP camera DS-2CD63X5G0

Hikvision has launched a new Fisheye IP camera series (DS-2CD63X5G0) with AI. This 360˚ panoramic camera uses the deep learning technology to deliver a more accurate heat map functionality. It gives an enhanced view of its surroundings – and is especially useful in large retail applications.

The cameras’ 360˚ panoramic image of the scene before it, means the user can see a wider area much more clearly. This is enhanced by independent control of a three-way infrared light, which can be separately configured to reduce the amount of ‘reflective’ wall space. This improves image quality, especially when placed in a corner location.

The deep learning algorithm focuses only on human targets, improving the accuracy of the heat map functionality. This means users can see ‘hotspots’ in a space, showing areas that people visit, or pass, the most. An added layer to the heat map visualization makes it a lot clearer than previous technologies, presenting more information in a clearer way.

Despite the high quality of the images, the cameras boast extremely light bandwidth, saving storage and costs by using H265+ compression technology. They also support Multiple Expansion Modes, with up to 15 live view display modes available, designed for three different mounts. This means they can be more easily adjusted to meet the users’ exact preferences, and improve their browsing experience.

Other features include:

  • New Immervision lens (only 12MP, 1.29mm lens model)
  • Up to 12MP resolution
  • 120 dB WDR
  • Up to 15m IR range
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Smart features: 6 behavior analyses, and 3 exception detections
  • IK10/IP66 available.

The cameras will be a useful addition to retail solutions, with heat mapping helping owners to understand customers’ psychology and identify which products attract the most attention on the shop floor. They can also be used in other large area applications, like train stations and public squares. The series will also be a boon to installers, with the ability to achieve monitoring which has no ‘dead angles’, making the solution more efficient and reducing installation costs.

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